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Michelle Arvin

My background is quite eclectic, including a degree in visual art and decades of training in dance, physical theater and rock climbing. I have been a teaching artist and professional baker, among many other things. I swapped coasts in 2005 and have been working as an aerial instructor and performer ever since. My projects have included performing with La Cage Trio, and co-founding Circus Warehouse and Loki Circus Theater. During the pandemic, I decided to pursue new adventures in birth work, and believe my experience as a circus coach has real relevance! Giving birth, like training for the circus, is physically and mentally intense and is best undertaken with compassionate, enthusiastic support. Guiding my students through the same intense physical work I have done myself has honed my communication skills, allowing me to focus on what works best for each individual, a gift I also bring to labor support. My journey into birth work began when I was invited to witness the birth of my first niece (now about to graduate from high school!). Despite a late-term induction, my sister labored without pain medication, but with a full delivery suite of friends and family supporting and cheering her on. Two years later, I was also present for her little sister’s birth, an entirely different experience but no less joyful. I learned the importance of support, in whatever capacity is best for that birth, that person. A dozen years later, I gave birth in my Queens apartment, and felt so lucky to have my son in the way that I felt was best for me. I had continued my circus training throughout my pregnancy and feel that the physical preparation I consistently do for my art was also extremely beneficial in my labor and delivery! For more about me, please visit

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