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Michelle Arvin
Full Spectrum Doula

I want you to have the most “you” birth experience possible, whether that’s at home, in a hospital, with or without interventions. If you value communication, honesty, science, following your intuition, humor, and movement, we can work together.

I first witnessed the power of a birthing body 20+ years ago, when invited to welcome my nieces, two really different, but incredible adventures. Those experiences stayed with me as I pursued a career as a circus performer, with many other jobs along the way. 

I became a birth worker in 2020, when the pandemic pushed me into semi-retirement from the circus. I had been coaching aspiring aerialists for ten years, and feel that many of those skills translate into assisting folks as they grow their families. Performance, birthing, and parenthood require vulnerability, stamina, self-confidence and trust; my varied background has prepared me to help you navigate any path you take. Find out more about me at

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