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What our clients are saying

"When there were unexpected turns in my labor, she framed everything in a calm and affirming way- which really helped me relax.. . .  I could not say enough about her positive impact on my birth experience." 

~ Michelle's client Hannah

"Throughout the whole process, Angelica asked thoughtful questions of both the doctors and myself to try to keep us to the original birth plan because she knew it was important to me. When the plans started to dramatically shift for medical reasons, she guided us to making the best decision for both my and my baby's health. She also worked me through breathing, laboring, and soothing techniques when the times got tough. She stayed with us at the hospital for over 24 hours and didn't rush us to make any decision." 

- Angelica's client Asmika 

"I was so thrilled to have Elyse as my doula. We connected on a personal level right away, and she was great about staying in touch and checking in leading up to birth. At the hospital she was just the kind of calm support needed with snacks, massage, encouragement, and deep care. I highly recommend her!"


- Chelsea

"Shelby provided tremendous support and guidance that I needed as I was getting to the end of the journey.

The sessions we had felt like I was meeting a long time friend. She guided me through my fears and played an awesome playlist during labor. My partner’s touch was nice, but her touch was much needed! She has great, pure energy."


"...she was a natural at making me feel comfortable about opening up about my fears, and helping me figure out what decision made sense to me in a non-pushy, supportive way. I had forgotten how painful childbirth is- and I began to doubt if I could do it without meds, and she really helped me stay strong and make it through. (And if you wanted meds, I’m sure she would be supportive of that too)." 

~Jasmine's client Evelyn

Dena is AMAZING in every single way. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Leading up to my birth she made me feel so comfortable and cared for. She took a great interest in my birth plan and was so organized in ways I didn't even think to be to make sure I was able to include everything I wanted in my home birth. She is extremely knowledgeable and has excellent resources to use and share.She took the time to teach my partner and other support people different excerises to do with me in preparation for the birth as well as pain management techniques we could use during labor. During the birth she helped so much with pain management and seemed to know exactly what I needed and when. Her extensive background in body work no doubt was helpful. I will have Dena as my doula for any future births, and you should too. Seriously, look no further. Dena is the crème de la crème of doulas. A million stars for Dena!!! ?

“Miraculously, Connie made us into confident first-time parents within a matter of weeks. Her visits were an oasis of calm and reassurance, lifting us out of the postpartum whirlwind and providing the space to rest, rejuvenate and reflect. But with every visit, she also left us better equipped, with a clearer sense of our journey ahead, and more belief in our own ability to parent.”

Amy & Jaimie

“A testimonial and love for my doula: I have been overwhelmed by the services of my doula who has turned out be a Sister to me. Having Christine as my Doula through my third birth was the best experience I ever had through my nine months of pregnancy. Christine’s wisdom through pregnancy and calm presence during labour was so reassuring. Christine helped me feel so much better during birth even though nurses and doctors changed shifts, she was by my side through the entire labour. Christine was there to back me up and make me feel that I could say no and be respected, ".

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