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Christine Marie
Life Doula

Christine Marie, a compassionate "life doula," draws from her diverse background and professional journey to provide holistic support and guidance during life's pivotal moments. Hailing from Jackson Heights, Queens, she blends her first-generation New Yorker upbringing with Dominican roots. After a decade-long career in Book and Magazine Publishing, Christine transitioned to caregiving for her mother and later embraced motherhood herself, encountering her first professional Doula along the way.


Rediscovering her calling for self-awareness and healing during her youngest child's preK years, Christine embarked on extensive studies in the many stages of Parenting, Trauma, Mental Health, Human Behavior, Love, Sex, and Relationships. Recognizing her innate role as a guide, and rediscovering her purpose, she underwent rigorous trainings to pursue  certifications so she could offer comprehensive support in various life domains, including:

  • the Full Spectrum of Human Reproduction, from Menstruation to Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, and beyond, including support for Infertility, Abortion, Infant Loss, Grief, and Death.

  • Sex and Intimacy issues, from how to enhance pleasure, reduce pain, and heal trauma to fostering communication and strengthening relationships, particularly as partners transition into parenthood.

  • Providing assistance with Mental Health and Spiritual challenges, including depression, anxiety, generational traumas and more.

Whether navigating pregnancy, parenthood, intimate relationships, or other life transitions, Christine offers generous educational, emotional, and practical assistance, alongside valuable referrals and resources. Christine is a trusted ally and advocate whose purpose is to help you create a lovely life. For more about Christine check out 

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