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We are so glad you're here, and look forward to working with you.

The Sunnyside Doula Collective was founded by four local mamas, and has grown! We are all solo practitioners and accept clients on an individual basis, as well as occasionally work in a partnership model where two of us share the role of doula for your birth, taking turns being on-call in a model similar to a multi-practice midwifery or OB team, or splitting up postpartum care, for example one person on day shift and another for overnight. Regardless of which model you choose, (solo or partnership), we work together to offer a strong, stable system of backup, rotating on-call shifts so that someone is always available for your birth on the rare chance that your primary doula is not available.  Additionally, we learn from one another, share resources and form an emotional support system as we maneuver the NYC healthcare system. We strive together to make the birthing world a better, more equitable place for us all. 

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