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We love living in this incredible community, and also love supporting our fellow small business owners here in Sunnyside. We’ve compiled a list of some local Sunnysiders who might be a valuable resource to you during your pregnancy and new parent journey. 

Family Portraits/Photography

Nadia Saburova: 

Leafy LiFen:

Home based Child Care Providers

Bea Westlund



Dr Madi Barbulescu: 718-205-6160

Sunnyside Pediatrics: 718-482-6814

Tribeca Pediatrics: 347-345-1508


Annie Frisbie: 

Simone Toomer

In addition to supporting local, Sunnyside businesses, we are here to help if you have not yet selected your provider or facility for your birth. Some of our favorite practices offer a more holistic model of care, which means they, like us, respect and support birth as a normal, wellness based, physiological event in your life, and use medical interventions as necessary, rather than as common practice. In their care, birthing persons are given more compassion, decision making power, and joy. Please ask if you're interested and we're happy to provide a list of providers we have had positive experiences with. 

In an ongoing effort to both acknowledge and change inequity in birth work, we also have a list of BIPOC doulas that we can warmly recommend if you would prefer. Reach out to us! 

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