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Dena Gold
Full Spectrum Doula


Dena Gold is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, massage therapist, DTI-certified full-spectrum doula (covering fertility, birth, postpartum, and abortion), and certified lactation consultant.
Dena holds masters degrees in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. While she treats a wide range of imbalances and concerns, her specialties in her acupuncture practice include women's health, psychoemotional concerns, trans health, fatigue syndromes, and pain management. She is trained in a wide array of acupuncture styles and techniques, and currently is in long-term study with a master practitioner. Her herbal training included considerations of the interactions of herbs with medications and/or particular health conditions to support safety and further enhance patient health. She is trained in customizing herbal formulations for each individual presentation.
Dena is trained in a wide array of massage techniques including trigger points release, deep tissue, shiatsu, Thai yoga massage, and craniosacral (for adults and infants). She has a wide range of experience in different areas, including pain management and prenatal massage.
She also offers sessions particularly oriented towards breech body balancing, which incorporate a mix of massage therapy, acupuncture, moxibustion, craniosacral, and spinning babies techniques.

As a doula, she brings her years of clinical experience to her clients, using hands-on support to help enhance physical comfort during birth. She is able to keep a calm, warm presence, while helping parents understand what their providers present and supporting them as they navigate potentially changing terrain. Dena is passionate about preserving agency and bodily autonomy throughout the birthing process, which she knows looks different for each individual.
In her postpartum work, her approach is to follow parents' lead, while offering education and resources to support infant safety and comfort, as well as family bonding. For those who feel uncertain she is happy to offer as much support as needed to help them learn and feel confident in their new role. This period can be a big transition and she values being able to help families navigate this sometimes unpredictable period.

Dena focuses on evidence-based lactation solutions grounded in high level research and a physiological understanding of the science of lactation, while keeping in touch with the emotional and intangible aspects of the bodyfeeding experience. She brings her detailed clinical eye to the diagnosis of any issues, and offers clear solutions, helping families find ways to implement them that fit their unique needs.

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