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Sunnyside Doula Collective is here for you. 

Our mission is twofold. 


First, we believe that birth is a normal physiological event in a family’s life, and one that deserves respect, compassion, and support. While our individual approaches may differ slightly, we are all advocates that your birth journey belongs to you.  Our role is to help you have a pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience that is driven by your decisions and values. Our agenda will always remain the same – honoring you, and your birth- so that you have a positive, memorable, respectful, and empowering experience.

Our second goal is to serve the community we live in. As proud residents and parents in Queens, we share a special affinity for this place and the way in which we strive to lift each other up and support each other. We love how small the borough feels and that we consider each other more than just neighbors, but friends as well. To that effect, we wanted to focus our doula cooperative right here where we live to support parents in their birth journeys locally. While we take clients from the entire NYC Metropolitan area, and attend hospital and home births in all five boroughs and Nassau  County, we have an added value to those in our local community, who share the same love of this sunny place. For more on ways that we support our community, have a peek at our local resource page, which highlights some small businesses owned and operated by local Sunnysiders. These businesses are all striving to serve our community in wonderful ways, and we are big fans of their work!  


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